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  Ocean by CognisantMD is Canada's leading platform for EMR-integrated patient engagement and eReferral solutions. Using a cloud-based platform and a library of thousands of forms, Ocean allows patients and healthcare providers to securely share health information for clinical use, administration, referrals and research. Find out how Ocean's full range of patient engagement solutions can help your clinic, including Online Booking, Check-in Kiosks, Patient Tablets, Patient Messages, Patient Reminders, Website Forms and Ocean Studies.

For more information, please get in touch at info@cognisantmd.com or call 1-888-864-8655 ext 2.

Make the most of Ocean with a free one-hour dedicated training session from an Ocean expert. Learn how to build rules to automate, access or edit out some favourite forms, or get a deep dive into our newest features in this virtual, web-based session catered to your clinic's needs. ($200 value) Send us an email to learn more.

  Saegis partners with healthcare providers in clinics and institutions across Canada to address the challenges faced in the delivery of safe and effective healthcare.
Leveraging expertise in workplace culture and communication, Saegis delivers high impact programs and services that enable healthcare professionals to perform at their best. Effective teamwork and communication are critical to delivering safe care. Saegis delivers a suite of programs that support a culture of patient safety.
In the increasingly connected world protecting healthcare data and mitigating cybersecurity risk is critical to patient safety. The Saegis Shield program is a comprehensive, accredited online cybersecurity and privacy education program that is tailored to the unique needs of Canadian healthcare providers in clinics and institutional settings.
Phone: 1-833-435-9979 or 613-729-3839
Address: 865 Carling Avenue, suite 110, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5S8



Experts in medical supplies and equipment since 1968.

We truly are the leader in medical supplies distribution for primary care in Ontario and we are the only company to provide both a lowest price guarantee and AIR MILES to our customers.

  • Better product knowledge and information
  • Fastest response time
  • Best mobile ordering platform

T: 1 800 263 7402

F: 1 800 663 0395

E: sales@surgo.com

E: OMGMA.priority@surgo.com

Surgo will provide a 2.2% rebate on all purchases made by OMGMA members with Surgo Surgical Supply.

--500 Bonus AIRMILES when you open an account with Surgo

--AIRMILES on all purchases with Surgo

Access to OMGMA Hotline email:


  At TELUS Health, we’re working with clinics across the country to improve information-sharing and harness the real power of technology. Join more than 21,000 Canadian healthcare providers who are using our electronic medical record (EMR) solutions such as PS Suite and Med Access. With EMR Mobile, access basic patient information, upload photos directly to patient charts, check your schedule, and send EMR messages to staff right from your mobile device. Visit telushealth.com/itsabouttime for more information. 

EMR Sales Team 

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