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 OMGMA member perk! is Canada's leader in user-centered digital healthcare solutions. Our aim is to improve the healthcare system by facilitating a higher quality of access to healthcare services. We offer the most comprehensive suite of products to help clinics better manage their rosters and modernize for today's patients while improving staff workflow, patient and staff satisfaction, and reducing missed appointments.

Ask us about our three main offerings today:

  • National Healthcare Registry & Local Search
  • EMR integrated eBooking
  • Waiting Room Concierge

Contact us today for a free consultation. Whatever your needs are, we've got a solution for you!

112 College Street, Suite 411, Toronto, ON M5G 1L6
1-844-234-6277 ext 701

Waived implementation fee and 15% off of your first year's subscription!

N-Two Medical Inc. is a Health Canada licensed distributor of medical grade liquid nitrogen and cryosurgical sprays in Ontario. We have more than 20 years of experience providing on-site delivery all across Ontario, and service over 600 customers including hospitals, family health teams, and fertility clinics.

N-Two Medical Inc.
50 Penn Drive, Toronto, ON M9L 2A9
T: 416-594-6896  F: 416-745-9663

N-Two guarantees competitive prices. If your facility finds an equivalent product and service offered for less, we will match their prices. For OMGMA members, we will also beat the price by 10%. Lower prices will be verified prior to price matching. Free or bonus offers may be excluded.


OntarioMD supports clinician practices by providing trusted advice from Practice Advisors and Peer Leaders on seamlessly integrating and using digital health tools such as our Health Report Manager (HRM) with their electronic medical record (EMR) workflows. We work with practices to help them realize the tangible value from effective use of these tools to make quality improvements that will enhance patient care and improve practice efficiency.

OntarioMD Products and Services Support (e.g., Health Card Validation Basic, Health Report Manager, EMR: Every Step Conference Registration and Website)

Toll-free: 1-866-744-8668


Experts in medical supplies and equipment since 1968.

We truly are the leader in medical supplies distribution for primary care in Ontario and we are the only company to provide both a lowest price guarantee and AIR MILES to our customers.

  • Better product knowledge and information
  • Fastest response time
  • Best mobile ordering platform

T: 1 800 263 7402

F: 1 800 663 0395



Surgo will provide a 2.2% rebate on all purchases made by OMGMA members with Surgo Surgical Supply.

--500 Bonus AIRMILES when you open an account with Surgo

--AIRMILES on all purchases with Surgo

Access to OMGMA Hotline email:

  At TELUS Health, we’re working with clinics across the country to improve information-sharing and harness the real power of technology. Join more than 21,000 Canadian healthcare providers who are using our electronic medical record (EMR) solutions such as PS Suite and Med Access. With EMR Mobile, access basic patient information, upload photos directly to patient charts, check your schedule, and send EMR messages to staff right from your mobile device. Visit for more information. 

EMR Sales Team 

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